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منتجات وإكسسوارات الفنادق:

As far as the hospitality business is concerned these terms are broader than these names seem to be. However we have managed to squeeze out some of the most prominent flakes of these terms. No matter how big is your hotel you always want to have the best when it comes to establishing the perception of your prospect customer during their stay in the hotel. You want them to come again and again for that you need to take account of what quality of amenities, hotel wares you’re providing them. As the more perceptive of you we have got your answer.


  • أدوات المائدة والأواني.
  • أدوات الطاولة والمطبخ.
  • مواد البورسلان.
  • وسائل الراحة في الغرفة.
  • وسائل الراحة في دورات المياه.
  • معدات المنتجعات والساونا.
  • إكسسوارات المسابح.